June 2024

At this years 3daysofdesign Astep presented an immersive experience of light created and curated for the event by Nicholas Zambetti.

In this exhibition you may literally step into the essentiality of light in a full- scale animated installation where the bulbs become pixels. The control board handmade by Nicholas serves as a display driver to create the lighting experience.

In this installation, guests were able to experience our newest launch, Model 262, designed by Gino Sarfatti. The iconic masterpiece was a tribute to modernist design, expressing Sarfatti’s inventive search for using light in its most honest and essential way.

Astep’s new chandelier, Sorpresa, by designer Samuel Wilkinson, also featured in the installation. It expressed a vision of innovation, balancing aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility to literally unfold the experience of light.