Timeless Inventions

Astep strives to explore new possibilities to advance the relationship between people and their homes, respecting the meaning of evolution in design. By creating and curating meaningful design objects, Astep honors the vivid tradition of Italian design by focusing on creating the New while continuing the life of timeless works that were born from the same forward-thinking attitude and maintain a capacity to affect and enlighten our lives today.

To be innovative, one must understand and respect tradition. We combine the experience, knowledge and future-oriented outlook, that has been nurtured in the Sarfatti family for three generations, with the newest technology and likeminded, visionary designers of the present.

The Flos with Sarfatti collection is a tribute to Gino Sarfatti who designed over 600 lamps between 1939 and 1973 and is renowned for his contribution to the modern architectural movement in lighting. Many of these designs appear exceptionally contemporary in terms of form, aesthetics and the relationship they establish with the people in the room.

In 2013, Flos re-issued five carefully selected Gino Sarfatti luminaires with LED technology, bringing them into the present day without detracting anything from the original sophisticated designs. In an extraordinary collaboration between the family behind Flos and Alessandro Sarfatti, the grandson of Gino Sarfatti, yet another luminaire has now been added, the iconic Model 2065.

Under the name ‘Flos with Sarfatti’, the two families will continue to explore and reintroduce the work of lighting master Gino Sarfatti. The selected models display the visionary and multi-faceted talent of Gino Sarfatti, his dedication to innovation and his commitment to creating humble, yet powerful pieces with the newest inventions at his hand. The diverse range of luminaires are held together by a coherent quality of timeless refinement. Masterpieces that awaken the power of light, technology and design.

The collection features six models: 548, 607, 1063, 1095, 2065 and 2129. With re- spect for the origin of the design, Astep’s and Flos’s roots and the proud artisanal and industrial traditions, the Flos with Sarfatti collection is made in Italy.

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