Candela, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, advances this classic product typology with 21st century technology.

The first product of Astep
A manifesto that speaks to evolution in design and technology, and respect for the environment.

Inspired by evolution

the use of fire to power LED lights represents both the oldest and the newest forms of illumination in a single product.
Recharge Light & Power

Candela generates its own electricity, enabling you to charge your mobile devices via USB cable. It is easily ignited with a match or lighter; a full tank contains 300 ml of bioethanol enough for five hours of use. With an internal battery that charges whenever there is a flame, Candela can charge mobile phones and tablets even when powered‑off.

Candela continues the long tradition of Scandinavian flame luminaries by advancing the product with 21st century technology. From the heat of the flame, Candela produces its own electricity to provide cosy LED illumination, while harvesting energy to charge mobile devices. Candela is powered by bioethanol, a renewable fuel made from plants.

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  • Typology
  • Materials
    Opaline Glass Diffuser, Aluminium Body
  • Dimensions
    186 × 241mm
  • Diffuser Diameter
  • Weight
  • Light Source
    Integrated LED
  • Charging System
    Bioethanol Fuel
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Duration