Model 2109

Model 2109 design by Gino Sarfatti 1959/2018.
A solar system of its own
Inspired by the natural poetry of the luminous satellite.

A refined embrace

Illuminating all kinds of spaces with its ambient moonlight.

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The Le Sfere Chandelier is composed of a circular array of blown opaline glass spheres. Each sphere is held in place by a large Black or Champagne painted steel radial ring structure. The spheres can be oriented downward or upward to provide direct or indirect illumination. Model 2109/14/16 and model 2109/14/24 feature 14 cm blown opaline glass spheres in arrangements sixteen and twenty-four respectively, whereas the sixteen spheres of the Model 2109/20/16 are larger, measuring 20cm in diameter.

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  • Typology
  • Materials
    Opaline Glass Diffuser, Steel Structure
  • Installed Height
  • Cable Length
  • Mains Voltage
    220V AC
  • Light Source
    LED (60W Max) Bulb
    (12896lm Total)
    Complimentary Bulbs Included *
  • Weight
Model 2109