Introducing LT8

Designed by Osvaldo Borsani 1954/2023

An elegant and evocative presence of light enriching the space around it. LT8 is a stoic masterpiece of Italian modernist designer Osvaldo Borsani and a testament to his visionary ingenuity, that has continued to inspire designers up until this day. LT8 was conceived in 1954 for Borsani’s new bourn company Tecno, that would come to revolutionize the world of contract furniture, and presented at the X Triennale in Milan.

“The lamp is a pioneering piece. Being one of the first hybrids of its kind, it’s a ceiling-to-floor. It was revolutionary at its time and paved the way for later iconic suspended lighting designs,” explains Alessandro Sarfatti, founder of Astep.

The extruded aluminium structure elegantly complements the legs in natural brass and highlights Borsani’s acute attention to detail, both technical and aesthetic. In 1957 the design of LT8 was deposited by Tecno S.p.A. as an ornamental and utility model to the Patent Office. In Astep’s reedition the fluorescent tubes have been updated with an embedded dimmable LED module. The design is as flexible as it is beautiful. You can direct the light source in any angle and orient it to where you want against the wall. The lamp comes in two heights 2300-2900mm and 2900-3500mm to fit a wide range of spaces, public and private. Alone it stands as a sculpture, in pairs it becomes a landscape of light.