Model 1081

A case study in balance

With Model 1081 Floor, another of Gino Sarfatti’s evocative interpretations of the luminous sphere is reintroduced, adding to the luxurious depth and versatility of Le Sfere collection.

The strong visual presence of the floor light is a case study in balance. A single luminous sphere rests delicately on the black finish steel stem and base, serving as an ornamental structure. Alone the lamp stands as a solitary sculpture, in pairs a composition emitting a warm and diffused light.

The floor light comes in two heights, 168 cm and 182 cm. Conceived from 1959, Le Sfere Collection is a family of opal glass lamps revolving around a single blown luminous sphere held in place by a painted aluminium ring. A simple, yet elegant principle and a refined embrace that lends the luminaire a graphic expression to bring forth its distinctive aesthetic.